Capital Campaign

God has entrusted to our care a wonderful facility here at CLCBC. In an effort to be good stewards of it, we recognize that there are some things that have to get done around the church.


Septic System // Completed Summer 2016

Parking Lot // Waiting on the right hand turn lane completion

Left Turn Lane // Completion is dependent on LDOT

Sprinkler System


1. Repair and possible expand our parking lot and water retention areas. - The repair work is absolutely necessary given the current state of disrepair of most of our parking. We would like to add some additional new parking spaces to relieve some of the pressure on Sunday mornings.

2. Move our entrance and add turn lanes traveling from the east and west. - Lake County officials have informed us that this is a necessity given our weekly traffic flow patterns.

3. Relocate and expand our septic field. - As our church has grown we have placed increased pressure on our septic field resulting in numerous system failures.

4. Add a sprinkler system to our existing facility. - Like the parking lot repairs and turn lanes, this is a life safety issue.


Financing the projects

What if we bring in more money than needed to cover the planned expenses? - Any additional funds for other projects can only be spent at the approval of the church membership. If the Lord blesses beyond what we need, the elders will either bank the surplus for a future project or come back to the members for a vote on another proposal.

What if we don't bring in enough money to cover all the necessary expenses? - With the exception of the sprinkler system, all of the other projects are either required or essential if we're to continue to minister to a growing body of believers. With the addition of a sprinkler system (which will be required for any future expansion) we will be permitted to add about a hundred chairs to our sanctuary so we can accommodate more in our worship services. With these thoughts in mind, should the pledges not meet the need, the elders intend to come to the membership and ask for

the opportunity to borrow the balance so that we can complete all of the work.


What if we don't have enough money at the time an expense needs to be paid?

Will we have to use outside financing? - In all likelihood, the answer to this question is "yes". Because there will probably not be sufficient funding for the work when it begins, we may seek permission to take out a loan to allow us to complete each of the projects. The goal, of course, will be to pay off any loan with the money coming in through our pledges as fast as possible.

How much debt will be acceptable? - This is entirely dependent on what the membership is willing to allow. We anticipate that the cost of these projects will be about two million dollars. If we have half a million come in over the first few months, we will not have to seek permission to borrow as much to complete the work.


Completing the Work

Will we need to bid out each project? - We will hire a General Contractor who will do the bidding for us. As we discussed last summer, we will make sure that anyone from our church that is qualified to do the work will have the right to bid any job.

Will we leave these decisions to the building committee? - Actually we have a team of people in place who are already attempting to prioritize the order of the projects. These individuals, with input from other church leaders, will work with General Contractor to make sure the work is done well and in a timely fashion.

What will be the priorities and order of the project list? - While we have an idea of what work we would like to see done first, Lake County and the town of Lake Villa will have mush to say about it. Because several of the projects are intertwined, we may have to rearrange the order in which they are completed.

Estimated cost of the work?  $2,000,000.00

What is the time frame (beginning and ending) for completing these repairs? - Grinnell Mutual Insurance has informed has informed us that the work on the parking must begin this spring. We hope to finish all the projects in twelve to twenty-four months assuming the financing is in place.


Will the work affect services, classes and church activities?

How will we manage the parking renovation work? - Not all of the parking lot will be torn up at the same time. If the work is completed in the summer months we will be able to use the large field to the west of our building for temporary parking.

Will a new septic or work on our existing will require us to be away from our building at all? - We do not believe so. Fro obvious reasons, this is a scenario that we would like to avoid.


Pledging Support/How can I pledge?

Can I make a one-time, annual, or monthly pledge? All three are acceptable and appreciated.

Can I make payments via electronic fund transfer or monthly automatic withdrawals from a bank account? - We are already set up to receive both.

How soon must my pledge be fulfilled? We are launching a three year campaign, but anyone making a pledge can give the balance at any time during that thirty-six month period.

What if my giving circumstances change throughout the capital campaign time frame? - This is a faith pledge. What we're saying to the Lord is that this is the account we intend to give to the campaign over and above our regular support of the operating budge. However, if the Lord in His providence should alter our financial position so that we're receiving less income or encountering unforeseen expenses, we may have to lower the amount we're able to give.